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Welcome To Crafty Vinyl Boutique Buy-Ins

We are located in Kitchener, Ontario.

We will hold buy-ins as often as we can. The Buy-Ins will stay open for approx 1 Week and then close, please make sure you read through the information in the post to find out when they close, expected shipping dates etc..

Open/Close Dates:

Each item will have a open and close date for purchasing. Once a Buy-In has closed we can no longer accept orders as we are tallying orders and sending them to the supplier for shipping. Please make note of these times and dates.


All transactions will take place through the Crafty Vinyl Boutique Website www.craftyvinylboutique.ca

This will guarantee your order and quantity. We have many payment options and have also now included Sezzle as a payment option. Please note once payment has been made there will be no refunds for buy-in items.


Shipping will be invoiced once all items arrive to me. We will try and get these out to you as fast as possible once shipment had arrived. Once Shipping plus Buy-In fee of $3 is paid we will try to have everything out in a timely manor. If your order was under $150 for the buy-in the Shopify will automatically add a shipping fee and you will only pay the difference in shipping IF you have not added any items to your order that are not part of the buy-in. If other items outside of the buy-ins are on your invoice they will be shipped or gathered for local pick up immediately and not held until the order comes in and shipping will be billed again once the buy-ins come in.

If local pick up option has been requested an invoice for the $3 Buy-In fee will invoiced and we will let you know by email as soon has been paid as it is ready for pick ups.

Group Shipping Orders:

You are more than welcome to group orders to be shipped to one address. Please put in the notes of your order that your order will be apart of a group order with that persons information and choose local pickup at checkout. The account it is getting shipped to will be billed the shipping. It is up to that person to collect payments for shipping. We are no longer responsible after it has left for shipping.

Buy-In Fee:

There will be a buy in Fee of $3 added when we send an invoice at shipping/pickup time.


On the rare occasion we may be dinged with unforeseen duties that are substantially above and beyond what were were quoted for packages to arrive. You will be required to pay your duties based on the quantity of the items you ordered with that Buy-In


Delays happen that are beyond our control and this happens in every Buy-In group. This could be delays on the shippers end, packaging and shipping, or due to weather on-route or courier delays that are beyond my control. Please be patient with us. We want to get the items to you as fast as we possibly can. Getting angry with us will not make your items get here any quicker then we are already trying. Thank you for understanding.


There will be no refunds for Buy-Ins. Unless, and item is shipped wrong or an item is missed by us. If items are massively delayed beyond original received date we will reserve judgment to decided how we would like to proceed on a one on basis. We really just want everyone to receive their products as fast as possible. Please note will not stand for bullying and rude behaviour. We reserve the right to not sell to anyone. We will not tolerate bullying and rude behaviour towards anyone or us or within the groups.

If any products are damaged upon receiving, you will need to open a claim with shipping courier. We will be checking all items before they leave us for quality standards.


There will be ZERO tolerance for bullying or rude behaviour. We reserve the right to choose not to do business with you. Delyas, shipping times, mix ups, broken items and response times are a part of life and these things will happen. We will try our best to work through everything as best we can to make you happy but there will be times you may not be happy about the situations. Please be kind and we will be with you. We are here to make everyone happy and provide the best customer service we can so let's work together through this with a little patience and kindness.

Terms and Conditions Check:

Upon check out of Buy-Ins you will have to agree to the terms and conditions stated above. It will be time stamped and upon doing so you are agreeing/understanding all of the above.

Thank you so much from our team at Crafty Vinyl Boutique,

Happy Shopping

Adrienne & Lexy


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