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Torch Paste

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A decoctive wood burning paste that is taking the world by storm and now exclusively sold here.

This wood burning paste works perfectly for your heirloom projects with reusable stencils or our stencil vinyl along with your home cutting machine on a wide variety of wood types and surfaces. You really just need a little bit applied so this past really lasts for so many projects. 

**the colour is just to add fun and the different colours do not mean they work any different.

What kind of heat gun should I use with Torch Paste?- We recommend at least a 1000 watt heat gun at 400C in order to achieve burn with our patent pending product Torch Paste. A hair dryer or craft gun will not work as they do obtain high enough temperatures.

Can I use this on Cutting Boards?-  Once you have completed the burn process (Isn't it FUN to see the magic?!), wipe away any residual debris with a DRY cloth or paper towel. Don't be afraid to apply pressure during this step. If you see any orange areas (from paste) - reburn them. Then wipe away debris again, if needed. Handwash with soap & water, allow to dry completely. Apply food grade oil & wax to seal and protect according to manufacturers directions; re-apply with food grade oil/wax after each use.

 Watch the following videos to see how this amazing product works